If opportunity doesn’t knock,  then build a door—‘Milton Berle

Every single day I keep learning I feel better as I acquire more and more knowledge.
I firmly believe that we can achieve through persistence, will power and steeled discipline and there’s no word called impossible.
Yes the difference apparently is very simple that I do certainly feel that makes a huge impact is living in optimism and so I apply optimised theory to come out of the mushrooming issues.
I do believe in positive statements.
Every day I compete with myself, expanding at the edges, working hard a bit more.
Yes I do adapt this principle during my morning walks so as to make it easy for myself to adapt and apply in my other unresolved and complex situations.
Everyday I increase my walking time just 5 minutes more and shifting the same process with my speed the next day.
Thus everyday I’ve to beat myself. Accepting life I’m more interested in importance of life now.
The key is recognizing the opportunities and touring through a less travelled road in spite of hardships.
In fact I believe in making our own path leading an example for others.
Most people do draft there goals but add the punch of delays and make it lose it’s brightness making a gateway to failure that keeps clouding the process.
Just remember hard work and sacrifices would pay you in long term so push a bit more don’t give up easily keep trying.
Being committed and focused on the proposed thoughts.
Focus on your resources and here it signifies your qualities that you possess. Similarly focus on your skills and focus on your abilities and polish them to strengthen more so as they are crafted uniquely.
You just need to find a better purpose and cause for your life and being passionate about the things you do adds you serving to walk your path before you even think of giving up.
Take a moment to examine the clutter that’s the key reason for your unhappiness your unsuccessful life.
Everyone needs something that keeps them interested in life giving them purposes and growth.
When you are stuck in between the emotional traumas there’s a feeling of unhappiness and stagnation revealing a lack of purpose that’s reflecting your low esteem developed in the difficulties that we are unable to see.

Be proactive. Being committed makes you walk in confidence.
Thus even if finding your path is difficult to be walked it’s your commitment to yourself that shapes as a concrete slab of motivation and now if you think you can, yes you can!
Try to figure out issues before hand if you are aware that certain things could be manageable if differently approached.
Thus  you’re saving your precious time.
Keep yourself motivated via news articles or blogs which are inspiring and motivational and that help you to depict positive approach towards life.
Walk your path now without compromising on the way to get distracted by the temporary panned up situations or circumstances.
Remember they are never forecast for ever.
Learning from your mistakes and always being committed towards your goals can manifest all that you’ve envisioned.
When we talk about
vision it’s something that has already taken a shape in form of your thoughts and this has something to be related directly to your dreams. The concept has been already conceived so now you’ve just to implement it with your positive application of being committed.
All the greatest achievements were once a dream once a vision oncea desire that were later  designed and the dreamers with there strong dedication crafted with skills and determination made a success thus implementing the same into reality.

Poets, writers,  sculptors, painters, sage, composers,  musician are the one who had a vision that is reflected in there work.
They are the reason to coalescing the colors to the scenery of the world that we see today. As they possessed the for architectural view of this beautiful world with there vision.
Remember columbus who visioned a world set out for a voyage.
Visions are seedlings of reality that are conceived by the dreamers.
You need to cherish your vision and ideas like you cherish music that drapes the purest for of feeling that regenerates all delightful perception.
This perception converges the point that transform your thoughts to desire more about what you’re looking for.

You acquire what you desire just you should dare to dream.
The greatest accomplishment were once a tiny little thought that was born in your mind just like an oak that sleeps in the acorn dreaming to grow big someday.
Just like a caterpillar waits in patience in irs cocoon a bird waits inside the shell of the egg.

Yes, circumstances may bring unfavourable conditions but they shall not remain for ever you see. Every thing changes every little thing needs a change life is all about a constant change.
But you have to be committed to your goals, and get them accomplished.

Keep smiling keep shining.

Inderjit kaur.


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