What is Social media Influence?

And what is the crux of the Content Marketing? Why is it important?

Social media influence is widely defined as your online presence and your influence on other people using the marketing platforms. It is a marketing tool used by people, company or organisation to access their brand value and is used to further expansion to the potential market which may be limited.

The most relevant factor that plays a important role is your profile on Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, YouTube, Instagram Pinterest, Tumblr, Ideapod.

Content Marketing is engaging with other people telling your stories about your book/product creating a brand name or logo using eye-catching headliners or article in minimal content for attractive and engaging relationship with your audience in respective fields.

ImportanceWell, we need to understand that there is a lot of free services and stuff available online nowadays. We need to identify the crux and reach out to the right audience so they are aware about your work and your product. The goal of SM and content marketing is building trust no more beating around the bush. Just pure customer service and support no matter how small is your business or your work and now the audience trust you and that is essential to further increase in sales in long term.

Not just shares likes but actual engagement and support using online marketing tools using keywords so that your work is taken in front of right audience.

The idea is to get people engaged, and  interested in what you are offering using creative content & tailored approach, by choosing the most relevant influencers to target the marketing to get the best quality results.

Paid campaigns can perform better! 

✍.  ⚡ ⏩⏩ 🔲  🌿 

A living series Author Promotion is dedicated to serve quality work!

I see people are convinced with the fact that if you’re able to saturate SM with your brand that’s a success story for them but even if likes and retweets do not impact all would be seem to be all waste!

The key is targeting the correct audiences and making an impact of your work/product.

Decide now what you want to accomplish? Is it awareness or sales? 

Optimize your work using eye-catching headliners and marketing ads using templates, banners, flyers, ecards, Posters, Timeline or profile page.

A Living Series Author Promotion service is dedicated to serve quality work.

A Living Series Author Promotions Services to boost your Social media presence and marketing your work by incorporating the keywords to improve your presence and helping identify goals, using creative content enhanced to support and promote you on social media using online marketing tools.

A living Series Author Promotion service is committed to give you results and support using tailored approach, by using the most relevant content to targetted audience

Get your work/product/message to exactly the people who need to see it

A living Series Author Promotion help you identify realistic online goals by understanding your purposes.

“Not only this but auditing your current content and redeveloping it to achieve the desired results.”

“Once the audit and content is developed it is promoted to targetted audiences.”

ALivingSeries Author Promotion Package starts at minimal amount of $25 onwards

Inderjit Kaur


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