Book launch: The Caging At Deadwater Manor : by – Author Sandie Will

Do you like a suspense-filled novel? If so, I’ve got a treat for you. My friend Sandie Will has just published her debut novel 

The Caging at Deadwater Manor

It’s about a young woman named Jeannie who finds herself held against her will by staff at Deadwater Manor – a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past. Inspired by true events, this is a captivating story where Jeannie shares her heart-wrenching experience while getting treatments that will make you cringe.

Jeannie’s story takes you on a disturbing, edge-of-your seat nightmare that will prey on your psyche for years to come. And it can be yours TODAY ONLY for just $2.99.

To grab your launch-day priced kindle copy of 

The Caging at Deadwater Manor and to learn more about this fabulously cringe-worthy read, head to…

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Don’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first to know how Jeannie’s story ends!

About the Author 

 Sandie Will is a young adult novelist who lives in Tampa Bay, Florida and works as a manager and geologist by day. She has written two novels and is currently working on her third. Her first novel, The Caging at Deadwater Manor, is a young adult psychological thriller that will be released on March 31, 2017.


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Manifesting success 💠

​Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times while working on his light bulb project.

Imagine if he had quitted nobody would have witnessed the innovations & light and probably nobody would have remembered him either.

With continued failures we find quitting the best solution but remember the only key is perseverance!

We need to establish the connection between failures and successes with a changed perception of positive motivation.

A setback can be turned into a driving force all matters is positive direction and attitude that we learn from our failures and tag it as experiences. This optimistic approach is called failing forward in progress to strive for excellence!

Stay away from negative assumptions and influence as they deplete your energy and shake your confidence. Lack of focus, vision, having zero purposes and low self-esteem are key obstacles to make our goals unachievable.

We might miss to achieve excellence if we progress with lack of vision and purposes.

We have to live in the moment making a habit of doing it now, instead of making excuses to manifest the glory of success.

Success begins with a START! 

Success is overcoming failures!

Marking success as an ongoing process would determine the quality of your journey!

Keep smiling keep shining!

Inderjit Kaur

What is Social media Influence? And what is the crux⚡ of the Content ✍Marketing? Why is it important?

What is Social media Influence?

And what is the crux of the Content Marketing? Why is it important?

Social media influence is widely defined as your online presence and your influence on other people using the marketing platforms. It is a marketing tool used by people, company or organisation to access their brand value and is used to further expansion to the potential market which may be limited.

The most relevant factor that plays a important role is your profile on Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, YouTube, Instagram Pinterest, Tumblr, Ideapod.

Content Marketing is engaging with other people telling your stories about your book/product creating a brand name or logo using eye-catching headliners or article in minimal content for attractive and engaging relationship with your audience in respective fields.

ImportanceWell, we need to understand that there is a lot of free services and stuff available online nowadays. We need to identify the crux and reach out to the right audience so they are aware about your work and your product. The goal of SM and content marketing is building trust no more beating around the bush. Just pure customer service and support no matter how small is your business or your work and now the audience trust you and that is essential to further increase in sales in long term.

Not just shares likes but actual engagement and support using online marketing tools using keywords so that your work is taken in front of right audience.

The idea is to get people engaged, and  interested in what you are offering using creative content & tailored approach, by choosing the most relevant influencers to target the marketing to get the best quality results.

Paid campaigns can perform better! 

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I see people are convinced with the fact that if you’re able to saturate SM with your brand that’s a success story for them but even if likes and retweets do not impact all would be seem to be all waste!

The key is targeting the correct audiences and making an impact of your work/product.

Decide now what you want to accomplish? Is it awareness or sales? 

Optimize your work using eye-catching headliners and marketing ads using templates, banners, flyers, ecards, Posters, Timeline or profile page.

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Inderjit Kaur

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Dream big, start small!


Social Media Marketing is no longer about pushing a product that would show case your potential rather it’s the stories you tell about your brand value that sets you apart from the competition in the social media.

Do you know what you require to be successful on all these social media?
Beautiful and engaging Images/Banners/Flyers/Templates that stand out.

Some of the most popular and powerful media influences for your product marketing are Instagram Pinterest, Tumblr,Tweeter, LinkedIn, and Facebook/page these various platforms are gaining importance also as you post customer engaged images and links that highlights your work accessible to the various audience through this channels.

Also one interesting fact that Pinterest Instagram Tumblr have gained incredible popularity as most of the content post (78.11%) is of the updates posted are images this is because they drive the highest engagement.

Even on established networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter images get the highest engagement.


Why would you absolutely need a remarkable introduction on Social Media?

Visuals can also help you get the most out of your book/content/blog posts as posts with images get more social media imprints more shared more re-tweeted liked more on Facebook. Images can also be used to make ads with minimal content enhanced with key words to make a larger impact!

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Becoming undefeatable when times are volatile!

Becoming undefeatable when times are volatile!1472735885918 (1)

“Life is treating me well and truly stunning!”

That’s a self note I never forget to include in my daily routine.
Life is becoming increasingly difficult and chaotic with the increased volatile times.
While we are going through the inevitable sufferings we can still manage to hardwire some core concept of being undefeated.
Well to massively improve life one has to pursue their mighty missions and include discipline as the core element.
The second element to contemplate the same is self believe to dramatically raise yourself from the self constructed limits.

Everyone is going through some inner battles to strive thus one can re module life by acceptance of self analysis as the basic strategy.
Modelling their greatest skills and experience one can optimistically drive and influence life and change the status quo.
Nurturing self believe and discipline create a  truly phenomenal lifestyle and stay undefeated when times are volatile!

Here are some of the most important tips that would be helpful to create a magical mindset!

Discipline is training yourself with setting up some rules and restrictions on the way that would improve your skills.
Discipline would convert your attempt into achievement.

Self belief that the you’re capable of handling the crisis your mind is developed to acquire strategies to leap from average to epic and you are sufficient to reinforce some breakthrough ideas.

Remember self believe is a learnable trait just stalk the thought that’s indestructible.
Self believe is directly proportioned with actions and thoughts conceived.

Just because you might lack self belief now doesn’t have to be the reason to give up.
Culture the skill set some priorities and grow beyond the horizon.

Thus this implies that you got to
work on you regardless of many flaws relentless by constantly learning and taking action, you will be able to eventually get a tangible result for the  crisis.

This subsequently transmits a  notion cabling belief that you can actually do it, thus you’re wired now to focus.

When I started getting my first few leads online for aiding the help for those who are depressed and finding hard to move on I had a stark realization  and that hit me like a ton of loads that I could actually do this.
I regained my inner self recollecting the strength once again to pursue my mighty mission of motivator.

You can learn to comprehend the inner voice specific your inner negative voice and chaos that rise like a giant wave increasing the inner turmoil.

We all have have limited thinking but the most debilitating destruction caused is by a confusing thoughts of negative connotations.
Since ages our brains are hardwired, according to the unseen fears.  We have developed a resistant to acceptance of life as we literally, focus on what’s negative in our circumstances.
We still are training and are progressive to inbuilt the fears in our brains, subconsciously, and we aim to focus on why the things didn’t happened as we expected and we complicated the brain with the things that went wrong during the day versus all the progress and the things that went right.

The core key to demolish that negative inner voice is first to recognize it and then re orient
it with positive information and training that combats that type of thinking exceptionally well with self talks, about self approvals and contemplating it with self believe.
Thus the inner self talk helps celebrating the progress since now our brains are hardwired for overcoming the negativity.

Thus this delivers a small win that enhances the performances and the compatibility with life is restored to another level.

The power of small win is incredible. At the end of the day,  write in a journal about it since it serves as the perfect powerful insight.

Some days are average, some are tiring but we still can manage these days and mark them as the best days, as they may leave behind some acts of incremental progress.

In my  journal I wrote,
“I was  dealing with complex issues while formatting my vision towards a better life but I made a tiny win towards the vision by feeding the indestructible point of never give up! I would be jammed by critical opponents or find hard dealing with a difficulties but I’ll some how progress in building the bridge.”

If you want to stay motivated and develop a truly focused mindset, feel incredibly alive,
feel truly inspired, and seeking to develop higher levels of driving force to stick on your best game, then we need to do this collectively together with enthusiasm.
Thus we need to celebrate every tiny win, every tiny little success and every achievement at the end of every single day!!

You want to stay on the success ride then you must celebrate successive progress on the road to recovery and you can write a note to self :
“I can do this, I will do this and nobody is going to stop me”.

This is how you deal with your inner negative voice.

At the end of your day, maybe you are going to keep some kind of a piece of paper by your bed side, maybe you do it after dinner. Write all your achievements no matter how small!

Using this renaissance and renewal of life, vigor, interest, would retrieve and life will allow you to master your self believe as a success tool and you will feel much profound thus you become undefeatable when times are chaotic and volatile!

Self talk and self disciple is one of the greatest ways you can build self belief because it is the ability towards reorientation of
your mind and heart to regain the strength and accomplish something even when you don’t feel like doing it.

If you will take these above tips and advice and collage to work for you, your self belief will incrementally increase and your results will soon follow.

No go out there and make it happen now!

Stay safe stay brave!!

A living series

Inderjit Kaur

And life goes on…

Walking the life wasn’t soothing her anymore and sadness played their chords;
She survived many storms though but pains wrecked her at last.
Just before giving up her trust she paused a while in spite of being in darkness.
Recollecting the seasons wrapped in hard and soft those were gentle and kind some time but left scars behind.
Considered now she stands to view how strong she has grown in her own shadows that made her resilient from her tests of life.
She now understood life paradigms though albeit.
She now sees that her darkness as cruel, unbearable, unkind as it seemed  always, restricted never  in contributing to all that made her complete and whole.
Thus, she now stands amidst of storms closing her eyes whispers thank you, to the dark to the light, to every tiny little things that involved in her being.
She picks her broken pieces collages them to shape in new.
She wears a smile as she writes a note to self “And life goes on…”

Inderjit Kaur

Inderjit Kaur

Transitions :- Walks of life


Like water we need to keep flowing.
I learnt long before that whatever I am experiencing as a turmoil is the only result of my negative addiction. Indeed, it is very easy access for our thoughts, to be penetrative and slip into various forms of negativity. I was depressed witnessing life getting worse day by day into violence, abuses, physical, and mental tortures but I could hardly do anything. May be because it is rooted at very early age as a girl child that one has to accept, adapt, destiny to whatever it hurls after marriage. When I allowed myself to be submerged in these life draining negative thoughts, I actually left no room for peace it was self-surrender. And barely I thought more about myself now existing just was able to survive to safe guard marriage and the social stigma accepting my fate and started to continue tolerating the chaos that killed me millions of time but the smiles and the spark of life in the eyes of my kids kept me going. 
I began to take everything for granted and consider life as an easy flow. All the love and consideration is often replaced with anger that adds frustrating. At one time, the circumstances shattered me into millions of pieces and eventually led my spirit to get entangled in questions and I started to decay in this pool of depression. We do often face dilemmas sometimes unsure what will be the next move. We do get stuck in dire situations and we just are unable to figure out what next. And life gets more complex more difficult. That’s the most surprising package of life’s equations. Reoccurrence of uncertainties around you, makes you more vulnerable and pushing us into darkness and you witness yourself anchored alone at the shore of negative influences. You start losing interest in life and are not sure how long can you sustain. Saturated with dark fears, your enthusiasm fades away eventually, forcing you to be deeply unhappy.
Suffering escalates more if you’re surrounded by negative people and when nothing seems to work. I traced the negatives around me tried to capsize me in the unexplained segments of the worries.  For me worries, negative thoughts and negative people at the same time are just energy drainers. They want you to believe and perceive their perceptions. This makes you to surrender deep in depressions, thus leaving no scopes of evolution.
You got to find out the root. I started to explore myself and was keen to understand the meaning of my life and what was my purpose here. And as I began to reinvent myself in this journey I was able to search the simple meaning to the word “CHANGE” and thus I kept figuring out more and more meaning and thrived hard to seek the answer, I needed to start exploring the events, which were left behind on the last turn that I crossed I made up my mind to overcome all my setbacks and that I won’t dwell in yesterday, since it did not left behind anything to be looked upon. What ever I had was with me, was today and I decided to look upon life with altogether new perspectives. Yes, I immediately figured out the best answer and that was, “BEING POSITIVE.”

The best word of positive life was thus embossed on my soul forever I was successful to write the very positive word 
‘YES I CAN’ into my living diary, that was life and that’s how, I framed it relating as an attitude everyone should possess and the word is ‘START’. “To make a change, we need to start with a seed called desire”
When applied, I drew an affirmative conclusion regarding opportunities. We got to grow through them intentionally in positive perception, recognizing the purposes and the cause.
I had to finally decide as I figured out that life could get even worse. I started studying the concept of being positive more closely. I started with a small change initially and the first thought I choose was to ignore immediate decisions for the troubled issues. I stayed calm, I learned to be more in patience by now and this worked  effectively and I started trying my best to give time to myself before any decisions or reactions.  Positive thinking is not done overnight; it takes time.
I began reading all I could find on being positive – Books, web, newspaper articles. It is evident that yes some words do make an impact and that’s what exactly happened. Sceptical at first, finally I got its influence overtaking all my sheltered concepts. I began with a new routine added in my stressed life and that was music.
I kept myself occupied with some soft music that helped me not only de-stress, but I could feel the changes.
I began to seek better options in all the problems that once were pretending that they would never get resolved.
Using this positive concept as a tool, I started the change that I was seeking from past two decades and I did manage to walk my life and was very certain that I am going to somehow get healed. Healing from a stressed life did not happen overnight and all of sudden. Yes, it took interminably long, but it happened. In order to be facing the life tragedies one has to harness the unique and irreplaceable quality of self believe, one must always be well prepared to face the unexpected with more confidence and optimism.
It is hard but not impossible a start, a begin is all that is required to straighten the crooked thinking sometimes.
And thus the walks in transitions would reflect the very true purpose of life..

Keep smiling keep shining!

Inderjit Kaur