Why Content marketing?

​Is content marketing simply telling stories?

My answer – “No“.

It’s making extreme impact of your brand converging your focus on audience needs creating a bond.

Why Content Marketing Is Important?

Content marketing is important yes cause there is an huge amount of free stuff out there. Everyone from big retailers to small e-commerce marketers or e-shops that are in trend nowadays have always to offers something for free to get people in the door. As an online marketer, for your books or other products as well. We feel the urge to follow the same pattern, but selling something free isn’t that important unless your brand story impact on your audience building a trust that they’re engaged to buy the product even if something is not offered free. That’s what content marketing would help.

The goal of content marketing is to build a relationship bond  with your targeted audiences. It’s important because it’s through this incredible relationship that your audiences sees you as an authority and trusts you, and this is what leads to boost sales in the long run as well as you’re successful in branding a name and trust factor that’s the core practice if you are into online visibility of your products or work or Author looking for sales of your books.

Content marketing best falls if we concentrate on the need of our audience creating effective impact how? 

Narrow your focus give your audience content that focuses on what they’re looking for that’s the key of impacting targeted audience.

There is a huge content available online free,  but you’ll get more readers or audience who may show interest in your work/products if you offer something specific and unique.

Don’t just promote without relevant content. The core purpose of your content is to engage and attract the audience impacting your brand, not to promote yourself. Effectively listen to your audience and create the buzz building your dreams block by block towards success.

Inderjit Kaur

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