And life goes on…

Walking the life wasn’t soothing her anymore and sadness played their chords;
She survived many storms though but pains wrecked her at last.
Just before giving up her trust she paused a while in spite of being in darkness.
Recollecting the seasons wrapped in hard and soft those were gentle and kind some time but left scars behind.
Considered now she stands to view how strong she has grown in her own shadows that made her resilient from her tests of life.
She now understood life paradigms though albeit.
She now sees that her darkness as cruel, unbearable, unkind as it seemed  always, restricted never  in contributing to all that made her complete and whole.
Thus, she now stands amidst of storms closing her eyes whispers thank you, to the dark to the light, to every tiny little things that involved in her being.
She picks her broken pieces collages them to shape in new.
She wears a smile as she writes a note to self “And life goes on…”

Inderjit Kaur

Inderjit Kaur

Think about it!

The best way to rise from defeat  is to remember why you started it initially. As I do believe that every obstacle in our path is just  a reminder to go back and reignite that spark that holds the inscription code for you to start your journey that was solely on your choices to mark a change thus making your presence in the  journal of life.
Other wise we all are just surviving not living…
Think about it!


Keep smiling keep shining
Inderjit Kaur

Inderjit Kaur

Transitions : Facts- Lessons of life

Judgement can be disadvantage if your head is clouded.

Emotions are enemies of every tough decision.

You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.
Sometimes we just need to walk quiet.

Exhausting is okay. It means you’re in the game. You’re on the way up and you’re not on the way down-

Self improvement is a never ending task. Always try to make better self from yesterday.

Don’t waste time grieving over past mistakes. Learn from them and walk ahead.

The best thing about the past is that it shows you what you’re not supposed to inherent into your future.

When everybody fails you, never forget that you have yourself.
Believe in self.

The experience of a major disappointment is complex and confusing at times.

When things fail it’s normal to feel insecure and anxious
take it as a  part of the process, soon they’re faded off.

Sometimes we can’t figure out what when how we would achieve in our lives but at this point we are aware what we can overcome and that’s a small victory in itself.


A living series
Inderjit kaur

Inderjit Kaur

Dealing with dead ends…A year that left behind lessons.

Dealing with dead ends..
A year that left behind lessons.


Dealing with the dead ends
perhaphs the year which just waved off has been a busy one. While we may have let some of the mushrooming issues slide by, now it’s important to tend to them before the time plays tricky lessons.
Our first initiative step to deal with dead ends now is to understand why did we opted to avoid the issues in the first place. And perhaphs we do hate confrontation, and we did felt like we didn’t have enough time to deal with xyz issues back then, what soever the reasons we need to be just honest with ourself and make an effort to catch our continued avoidance patterns. Precisely no one would  appreciate past issues lingering onto a fresh calendar.
Hence we need to stay accountable with ourself first.
While the past year was filled with successes and accomplishments there were some bumps and troubles that lead to missteps along the way. Strong and positive people would take a moment to pause and reflect on the mistakes that were made during the past year.
And the thing that matters is accountability and is important, especially if we are in a transition phase, and even if we didn’t deal with things correctly in real time, self-reflection and awareness could better prepare us for the inevitable issues of the coming phase of life.
Thus we need to be prepared to acknowledge our mistakes as they come, and more importantly, we need to commit moving forward in such a way that puts lessons learned into action and a positively filled attitude that helps us move beyond the horizon.
Keep smiling, keep shining.
Inderjit kaur.


Yes, I was disappointed with the judgement of God.
I had expected a lot and tried to get appointments in the future and when the appointments weren’t kept then, it often made me feel dejected and this forced me to dive into deep pools of negativity and I was entangled in  the webs of emotions. But somehow I decided to search for the reasons and seek the answers to my ‘Why’ that was successful to diminish my faith. As I had lost all hopes towards life I’ve made up my mind to  search the main cause to the disappointments, as always it is framed  that don’t expect something so that you are dejected in the end when the expectations aren’t fulfilled.  For me this concept was a little different which sufficed me without letting my expectations go low and didn’t let them get faded away. I figured out how to respond to life in a more positive way even if expectations aren’t met.
Yes, I completely changed my perceptions towards brighter side of  the life for searching not the “Why” but I tried to figure out the concept  –  “Now what?.”
How to solve the troubling issues, what is done is done, whats already passed can’t be
Hence, now I just need to find next probabilities, to match the best solutions.
Often though I had issues with God, for not replying to my prayers, but I did learn the fact that every time I was denied, I was boarded to a new set of opportunities.
This re directed my path towards a purpose filled destination throughout life, which made me learn to face life the way I was supposed to face.
I did experience that whatsoever life projects in form of hardships or troubles because God wants us to walk on the tougher path making us more strong that our lives demands us to be probably  because God himself wants us to be more stronger emotionally, to get fitted in the tougher world outside.

Keep smiling keep shining.

Rise and Shine.


Today is the day and it will shine in brilliance if you allow it to be.
Sun or no sun don’t allow anyone else to block the rays of happiness from reaching towards you.
You can, if you believe.
You can, if you desire.
You can, if you acquire the strength to conquer your quest of unsettled thoughts.
Don’t allow the pain or the past situation to be so intense, that it captivates you to walk further that indirectly leads you to self destruction.
After breathing toxins from the negative people or situations don’t forget to exhale and remove yourself from the entangled environment.
You can if you believe it’s not hard it’s the mindset that drives you towards success or failures.
Look behind, that’s the place you’ll find your lessons that highlight and redirect you not to repeat the same mistakes.
Remember you’ve had the ability always and shall always be with you to make a change by opting a chance to take a great decision.
But yes, sometimes you have to be very clear in your mind.
Think before you take a critical decision making. If you make a wrong choice, the ability to do so again may be taken away from you.
Be a positive example, it requires a great deal of courage to ignite a spark of change.
Remember there falls a shadow between conception and creation.
Be active take the responsibility work for the things that you believe.
If you want to leave your footprints on the sand, don’t drag your feet in confusion.
It’s always best to walk slow in confidence, rather than running aimlessly.
Shores often tell their stories of the feet that walked on them, of the waves that touched to leave an impression that relay an inspiration to those who are still fighting back to cross the stormy oceans.
In difficult times just be patience and remember some things in life are not to meant and are best to not have.
Remember that life is a collage of courage, willpower, discipline just erase your fears and look beyond this philosophy can be stated more succinctly:-
True enlightened people are those who experience happiness in small achievements and experience happiness on daily basis, tackling their weaknesses and fears much ahead, even if they have to dive deep into the unknown reasons or measures of discomforts they actively participate, resolving to live and improvise every aspect of themselves continuously.
Applied correctly life moves into the realm of ordinary to the excellence in shape of extraordinary, with your own effective and purposeful efforts.
I must alert you if you lack in willpower or decision making that’s a weakness and if you’re drifting still in the odds it’s high time to make priorities in life and stamp out this ill habits immediately and you’ll find;
No hurdles are too high for you to overcome and no challenge is too tough for you to surmount.
Rise with the rising sun and let it bless you in abundance of energy. 
keep smiling keep shining.
Inderjit kaur.

A place for me.

A place for me.


“Men seek retreats for themselves: houses in the country, seashores and mountains; and thou too art won’t to desire such things very much,” said Marcus Aurelius.

It’s very important to self-analyze and be in calmness at times opting to be in solitude to reenergize and for harnessing your potentials that are essential to build you strong hence leveraging your inner beliefs. Each and every one do long for happiness and peace.
At the end of the day we constantly look out for a place to be in solitude and seek a quiet room inside our own self, like the depth of calm oceans that are never touched however the rough waves surfacing onto it. Thus we need to create a quiet room within our mind that can serve as relaxing chamber at times of emotional turmoil. I do understand it’s not easy but we need to constantly search this quiet place and retreat it with quietness over and over that we do so much deserve. We can always manifest to what we believe we can thus with our persistence build a quiet room in our mind, which can act as our own decompression unit that can help you distress, refreshing you to work more efficiently in your life. A place for yourself that can reconnect you back to this beautiful life rejuvenating your presence as an extension card.

Do make your working area, your living room a beautiful place that can add peaceful and tranquillity with some flowers and best draperies adding a sprinkle with mild room fresheners.


Always letting the fresh airs to keep flowing in instead of the compact gloomy rooms, so whether its home or your workplace make sure you get to see some nature everyday with windows open for fresh air to embrace your skin a refreshing tone always, rejuvenating you every minute. Let the colours of the wall be from mild cool and calm textures that soothes your eyes with good and less furniture and no distracting elements of negativity.

Quite simply a beauty of calmness that makes everything splendour.
We have the power to withdraw ourselves seeking a perfect tranquility within, when we can truly connect with ourselves…
Keep smiling keep shining.


Inderjit kaur.