And life goes on…

Walking the life wasn’t soothing her anymore and sadness played their chords;
She survived many storms though but pains wrecked her at last.
Just before giving up her trust she paused a while in spite of being in darkness.
Recollecting the seasons wrapped in hard and soft those were gentle and kind some time but left scars behind.
Considered now she stands to view how strong she has grown in her own shadows that made her resilient from her tests of life.
She now understood life paradigms though albeit.
She now sees that her darkness as cruel, unbearable, unkind as it seemed  always, restricted never  in contributing to all that made her complete and whole.
Thus, she now stands amidst of storms closing her eyes whispers thank you, to the dark to the light, to every tiny little things that involved in her being.
She picks her broken pieces collages them to shape in new.
She wears a smile as she writes a note to self “And life goes on…”

Inderjit Kaur

Inderjit Kaur


Transitions :- Walks of life


Like water we need to keep flowing.
I learnt long before that whatever I am experiencing as a turmoil is the only result of my negative addiction. Indeed, it is very easy access for our thoughts, to be penetrative and slip into various forms of negativity. I was depressed witnessing life getting worse day by day into violence, abuses, physical, and mental tortures but I could hardly do anything. May be because it is rooted at very early age as a girl child that one has to accept, adapt, destiny to whatever it hurls after marriage. When I allowed myself to be submerged in these life draining negative thoughts, I actually left no room for peace it was self-surrender. And barely I thought more about myself now existing just was able to survive to safe guard marriage and the social stigma accepting my fate and started to continue tolerating the chaos that killed me millions of time but the smiles and the spark of life in the eyes of my kids kept me going. 
I began to take everything for granted and consider life as an easy flow. All the love and consideration is often replaced with anger that adds frustrating. At one time, the circumstances shattered me into millions of pieces and eventually led my spirit to get entangled in questions and I started to decay in this pool of depression. We do often face dilemmas sometimes unsure what will be the next move. We do get stuck in dire situations and we just are unable to figure out what next. And life gets more complex more difficult. That’s the most surprising package of life’s equations. Reoccurrence of uncertainties around you, makes you more vulnerable and pushing us into darkness and you witness yourself anchored alone at the shore of negative influences. You start losing interest in life and are not sure how long can you sustain. Saturated with dark fears, your enthusiasm fades away eventually, forcing you to be deeply unhappy.
Suffering escalates more if you’re surrounded by negative people and when nothing seems to work. I traced the negatives around me tried to capsize me in the unexplained segments of the worries.  For me worries, negative thoughts and negative people at the same time are just energy drainers. They want you to believe and perceive their perceptions. This makes you to surrender deep in depressions, thus leaving no scopes of evolution.
You got to find out the root. I started to explore myself and was keen to understand the meaning of my life and what was my purpose here. And as I began to reinvent myself in this journey I was able to search the simple meaning to the word “CHANGE” and thus I kept figuring out more and more meaning and thrived hard to seek the answer, I needed to start exploring the events, which were left behind on the last turn that I crossed I made up my mind to overcome all my setbacks and that I won’t dwell in yesterday, since it did not left behind anything to be looked upon. What ever I had was with me, was today and I decided to look upon life with altogether new perspectives. Yes, I immediately figured out the best answer and that was, “BEING POSITIVE.”

The best word of positive life was thus embossed on my soul forever I was successful to write the very positive word 
‘YES I CAN’ into my living diary, that was life and that’s how, I framed it relating as an attitude everyone should possess and the word is ‘START’. “To make a change, we need to start with a seed called desire”
When applied, I drew an affirmative conclusion regarding opportunities. We got to grow through them intentionally in positive perception, recognizing the purposes and the cause.
I had to finally decide as I figured out that life could get even worse. I started studying the concept of being positive more closely. I started with a small change initially and the first thought I choose was to ignore immediate decisions for the troubled issues. I stayed calm, I learned to be more in patience by now and this worked  effectively and I started trying my best to give time to myself before any decisions or reactions.  Positive thinking is not done overnight; it takes time.
I began reading all I could find on being positive – Books, web, newspaper articles. It is evident that yes some words do make an impact and that’s what exactly happened. Sceptical at first, finally I got its influence overtaking all my sheltered concepts. I began with a new routine added in my stressed life and that was music.
I kept myself occupied with some soft music that helped me not only de-stress, but I could feel the changes.
I began to seek better options in all the problems that once were pretending that they would never get resolved.
Using this positive concept as a tool, I started the change that I was seeking from past two decades and I did manage to walk my life and was very certain that I am going to somehow get healed. Healing from a stressed life did not happen overnight and all of sudden. Yes, it took interminably long, but it happened. In order to be facing the life tragedies one has to harness the unique and irreplaceable quality of self believe, one must always be well prepared to face the unexpected with more confidence and optimism.
It is hard but not impossible a start, a begin is all that is required to straighten the crooked thinking sometimes.
And thus the walks in transitions would reflect the very true purpose of life..

Keep smiling keep shining!

Inderjit Kaur

Transitions : Facts- Lessons of life

Judgement can be disadvantage if your head is clouded.

Emotions are enemies of every tough decision.

You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.
Sometimes we just need to walk quiet.

Exhausting is okay. It means you’re in the game. You’re on the way up and you’re not on the way down-

Self improvement is a never ending task. Always try to make better self from yesterday.

Don’t waste time grieving over past mistakes. Learn from them and walk ahead.

The best thing about the past is that it shows you what you’re not supposed to inherent into your future.

When everybody fails you, never forget that you have yourself.
Believe in self.

The experience of a major disappointment is complex and confusing at times.

When things fail it’s normal to feel insecure and anxious
take it as a  part of the process, soon they’re faded off.

Sometimes we can’t figure out what when how we would achieve in our lives but at this point we are aware what we can overcome and that’s a small victory in itself.


A living series
Inderjit kaur

Inderjit Kaur

A writer’s life fanciful adventure?

A writer who encapsulates the lore of some past and present events or probably coherent the enchanting tales in his or her story is not sure if the work  would be accepted by the readers.


At times he or she is happy to get a hamburger and fries with the royalty cheque.
In India we can manage at least one wada pav. Well the issue is not the reduced numbers of books from the bookshelves but the credit goes to the technical aspects of fast paced life.
Lack of time and change of personal choices hardly I see any book lover as earlier times.
All those who managed to get the names established via brand names extraordinarily were lucky enough.
We writers are storytellers  who instill hope again and again and again.
With every word we write we try to write better than the previous so that the finished work is an eye catch for the readers.
It takes almost average 6 months to a year to write an average book and anycase any genre. Hardly I came across to some of the writers who could write up in a month or two.
Thus the bottom line is it takes a great time and efforts for the writing to make it best thought provoking or captivating or a page turner.
Writers are patient and work effectively and I’m so proud to be able to be counted as one of them.
The amount of time and energy required to get from chapter 1st to 2nd and so on is just priceless. Writers do a tremendous job to pan out the stories, chapters, plots, characters, imaginations, connectedness, also at times plan on the walls or working place mapping out the story so that our readers get a awesome read.
But writers do get low at times when the book doesn’t go well with sales.
We tend to make failures very personal. Yes I do agree picking yourself up and dusting yourself off  isn’t that easy. It’s easy to imagine but much more difficult to do in practice.
The only reason why we do pursue our dreams is first we must accept the fact that our egos want us to dream big as they believe we can accomplish great things and there’s nothing wrong with that as great things do desire that greatness. This leads us to achieve our goals and we do accomplish things others believed to be impossible.
So to all my writing fraternity be aware of the little things that provides an easy way to get the best and  the most.
Let’s celebrate little victories. What does this little victory do?
Well they allow you and me to gain momentum.
With each little win we tend to feel more comfortable and positive about ourselves.
We can now once again find the same enthusiasm and are passionate about our work.
We feel reinvigorated and tend to seek fascination in our work and indirectly our journey as an writer.
Without this gained momentum we would have given up so very easily at first place finding no solace in life.
This little wins boost us reminding us that greater victories are lying ahead comforting us to stick around and not letting us to give up.
Little victories make us learn more about life uncertainties and makes failures bearable.
Be privileged to be able to offer the best of your abilities.
Three cheers to my writer friends.


Take care
Keep smiling keep shining.
Inderjit Kaur

Dealing with dead ends…A year that left behind lessons.

Dealing with dead ends..
A year that left behind lessons.


Dealing with the dead ends
perhaphs the year which just waved off has been a busy one. While we may have let some of the mushrooming issues slide by, now it’s important to tend to them before the time plays tricky lessons.
Our first initiative step to deal with dead ends now is to understand why did we opted to avoid the issues in the first place. And perhaphs we do hate confrontation, and we did felt like we didn’t have enough time to deal with xyz issues back then, what soever the reasons we need to be just honest with ourself and make an effort to catch our continued avoidance patterns. Precisely no one would  appreciate past issues lingering onto a fresh calendar.
Hence we need to stay accountable with ourself first.
While the past year was filled with successes and accomplishments there were some bumps and troubles that lead to missteps along the way. Strong and positive people would take a moment to pause and reflect on the mistakes that were made during the past year.
And the thing that matters is accountability and is important, especially if we are in a transition phase, and even if we didn’t deal with things correctly in real time, self-reflection and awareness could better prepare us for the inevitable issues of the coming phase of life.
Thus we need to be prepared to acknowledge our mistakes as they come, and more importantly, we need to commit moving forward in such a way that puts lessons learned into action and a positively filled attitude that helps us move beyond the horizon.
Keep smiling, keep shining.
Inderjit kaur.

Being commited

If opportunity doesn’t knock,  then build a door—‘Milton Berle

Every single day I keep learning I feel better as I acquire more and more knowledge.
I firmly believe that we can achieve through persistence, will power and steeled discipline and there’s no word called impossible.
Yes the difference apparently is very simple that I do certainly feel that makes a huge impact is living in optimism and so I apply optimised theory to come out of the mushrooming issues.
I do believe in positive statements.
Every day I compete with myself, expanding at the edges, working hard a bit more.
Yes I do adapt this principle during my morning walks so as to make it easy for myself to adapt and apply in my other unresolved and complex situations.
Everyday I increase my walking time just 5 minutes more and shifting the same process with my speed the next day.
Thus everyday I’ve to beat myself. Accepting life I’m more interested in importance of life now.
The key is recognizing the opportunities and touring through a less travelled road in spite of hardships.
In fact I believe in making our own path leading an example for others.
Most people do draft there goals but add the punch of delays and make it lose it’s brightness making a gateway to failure that keeps clouding the process.
Just remember hard work and sacrifices would pay you in long term so push a bit more don’t give up easily keep trying.
Being committed and focused on the proposed thoughts.
Focus on your resources and here it signifies your qualities that you possess. Similarly focus on your skills and focus on your abilities and polish them to strengthen more so as they are crafted uniquely.
You just need to find a better purpose and cause for your life and being passionate about the things you do adds you serving to walk your path before you even think of giving up.
Take a moment to examine the clutter that’s the key reason for your unhappiness your unsuccessful life.
Everyone needs something that keeps them interested in life giving them purposes and growth.
When you are stuck in between the emotional traumas there’s a feeling of unhappiness and stagnation revealing a lack of purpose that’s reflecting your low esteem developed in the difficulties that we are unable to see.

Be proactive. Being committed makes you walk in confidence.
Thus even if finding your path is difficult to be walked it’s your commitment to yourself that shapes as a concrete slab of motivation and now if you think you can, yes you can!
Try to figure out issues before hand if you are aware that certain things could be manageable if differently approached.
Thus  you’re saving your precious time.
Keep yourself motivated via news articles or blogs which are inspiring and motivational and that help you to depict positive approach towards life.
Walk your path now without compromising on the way to get distracted by the temporary panned up situations or circumstances.
Remember they are never forecast for ever.
Learning from your mistakes and always being committed towards your goals can manifest all that you’ve envisioned.
When we talk about
vision it’s something that has already taken a shape in form of your thoughts and this has something to be related directly to your dreams. The concept has been already conceived so now you’ve just to implement it with your positive application of being committed.
All the greatest achievements were once a dream once a vision oncea desire that were later  designed and the dreamers with there strong dedication crafted with skills and determination made a success thus implementing the same into reality.

Poets, writers,  sculptors, painters, sage, composers,  musician are the one who had a vision that is reflected in there work.
They are the reason to coalescing the colors to the scenery of the world that we see today. As they possessed the for architectural view of this beautiful world with there vision.
Remember columbus who visioned a world set out for a voyage.
Visions are seedlings of reality that are conceived by the dreamers.
You need to cherish your vision and ideas like you cherish music that drapes the purest for of feeling that regenerates all delightful perception.
This perception converges the point that transform your thoughts to desire more about what you’re looking for.

You acquire what you desire just you should dare to dream.
The greatest accomplishment were once a tiny little thought that was born in your mind just like an oak that sleeps in the acorn dreaming to grow big someday.
Just like a caterpillar waits in patience in irs cocoon a bird waits inside the shell of the egg.

Yes, circumstances may bring unfavourable conditions but they shall not remain for ever you see. Every thing changes every little thing needs a change life is all about a constant change.
But you have to be committed to your goals, and get them accomplished.

Keep smiling keep shining.

Inderjit kaur.


Yes, I was disappointed with the judgement of God.
I had expected a lot and tried to get appointments in the future and when the appointments weren’t kept then, it often made me feel dejected and this forced me to dive into deep pools of negativity and I was entangled in  the webs of emotions. But somehow I decided to search for the reasons and seek the answers to my ‘Why’ that was successful to diminish my faith. As I had lost all hopes towards life I’ve made up my mind to  search the main cause to the disappointments, as always it is framed  that don’t expect something so that you are dejected in the end when the expectations aren’t fulfilled.  For me this concept was a little different which sufficed me without letting my expectations go low and didn’t let them get faded away. I figured out how to respond to life in a more positive way even if expectations aren’t met.
Yes, I completely changed my perceptions towards brighter side of  the life for searching not the “Why” but I tried to figure out the concept  –  “Now what?.”
How to solve the troubling issues, what is done is done, whats already passed can’t be
Hence, now I just need to find next probabilities, to match the best solutions.
Often though I had issues with God, for not replying to my prayers, but I did learn the fact that every time I was denied, I was boarded to a new set of opportunities.
This re directed my path towards a purpose filled destination throughout life, which made me learn to face life the way I was supposed to face.
I did experience that whatsoever life projects in form of hardships or troubles because God wants us to walk on the tougher path making us more strong that our lives demands us to be probably  because God himself wants us to be more stronger emotionally, to get fitted in the tougher world outside.

Keep smiling keep shining.