Shift your life, Master your mindset, battleproof your confidence.

We all have the ability to pivot under any conditions and remember that circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.

By feeling cheerful throughout the day, we become an Instrument of peace. Spend some time in silence it is most powerful and rewarding experience.

Nothing you do will make everything perfect.Your job is to live your best life not suffer because sometimes we need to just realize that how little we need in order to be satisfied and at peace.

Stop being upset about everything as it would not respond the way we expect to. Hard but that’s life all about! Accept the truth and be grateful, for your life matters.

Distance yourself for a while from the things that make you feel low or negative influence as they would only drain your energy.

Focus only on what can be changed and don’t dwell on why things didn’t work or what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do from here onwards move on is not easy it would take some time.

Spend your energy moving forward seeking the opportunity to work best when everything fails.

When we get stuck into downfalls or failure or heartbreak we believe that life is all about that’s past but the truth is life is about present circumstances.

We need to be complied with the new beginning letting go that doesn’t reflect the growth that which remains stagnant, just let it go. When we let go we believe in self, we believe that there is a bright tomorrow.

Remember peace of mind is when we are able to live in the present moment.

Take charge of your life now! 

Master your mindset, battleproof your confidence, own your highest power to wake up each day radiating hope, strength, wisdom and love, regardless of whether you’re at the peak of the mountain or lost in the valley of heartbreak.

Focus to live the rest of your life at iconic levels of happiness, prosperity and influence.

Smile and overcome your challenges, no matter what your troubles are, there are people who are experiencing much worse.

It is human tendency that when bad things happen to us, we overlook the fact that even the most vibrantly successful people deal with challenges, troubles, and setbacks only the difference between those individuals who soldier on until they achieve their goals and those who give up is the determination.

The goal is not to change who you are but to become more of who you are at your best while facing adversities and life challenges!

Remember a bad day is simply a test of your patience and commitment as long as you stay dedicated to the task at hand, you’ll shake off negative feelings and get the job done even when things conspire against you.

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Inderjit Kaur


And life goes on…

Walking the life wasn’t soothing her anymore and sadness played their chords;
She survived many storms though but pains wrecked her at last.
Just before giving up her trust she paused a while in spite of being in darkness.
Recollecting the seasons wrapped in hard and soft those were gentle and kind some time but left scars behind.
Considered now she stands to view how strong she has grown in her own shadows that made her resilient from her tests of life.
She now understood life paradigms though albeit.
She now sees that her darkness as cruel, unbearable, unkind as it seemed  always, restricted never  in contributing to all that made her complete and whole.
Thus, she now stands amidst of storms closing her eyes whispers thank you, to the dark to the light, to every tiny little things that involved in her being.
She picks her broken pieces collages them to shape in new.
She wears a smile as she writes a note to self “And life goes on…”

Inderjit Kaur

Inderjit Kaur

Dealing with dead ends…A year that left behind lessons.

Dealing with dead ends..
A year that left behind lessons.


Dealing with the dead ends
perhaphs the year which just waved off has been a busy one. While we may have let some of the mushrooming issues slide by, now it’s important to tend to them before the time plays tricky lessons.
Our first initiative step to deal with dead ends now is to understand why did we opted to avoid the issues in the first place. And perhaphs we do hate confrontation, and we did felt like we didn’t have enough time to deal with xyz issues back then, what soever the reasons we need to be just honest with ourself and make an effort to catch our continued avoidance patterns. Precisely no one would  appreciate past issues lingering onto a fresh calendar.
Hence we need to stay accountable with ourself first.
While the past year was filled with successes and accomplishments there were some bumps and troubles that lead to missteps along the way. Strong and positive people would take a moment to pause and reflect on the mistakes that were made during the past year.
And the thing that matters is accountability and is important, especially if we are in a transition phase, and even if we didn’t deal with things correctly in real time, self-reflection and awareness could better prepare us for the inevitable issues of the coming phase of life.
Thus we need to be prepared to acknowledge our mistakes as they come, and more importantly, we need to commit moving forward in such a way that puts lessons learned into action and a positively filled attitude that helps us move beyond the horizon.
Keep smiling, keep shining.
Inderjit kaur.

A letter to Santa🎅 from a daughter who lost her father.

A letter from a daughter to her departed father, reliving all the memories from the first day of her school to her Father’s death in hospital.

Dear Santa, 🎅
Please do hand over this poetry📖✒
of mine to my loving father who’s been on a walk towards divine.
I wait for him but I know he wouldn’t be here,
lost in his silence is my patience that I wrote in few lines……..

A broken soul that lies behind
the mirage of her perfect smile
like a wounded bird with out the wings waiting for a flight.
Tears hidden in violets resting along with roses in dew,
some tears cried, some tears in pain, some tears dried, some creeping back in eyes.
Some tears clinched to soul to
re pine behind the mirage of her smile that she claims to be perfect but has a tormented soul.
To her father she penned in few words that flowed from her parched heart.
Narrating the day when he took her to school to the last breath he took waving her goodbye.
He acclaimed his happiness to be proud father of the little girl in the crowd standing outside the gate of school holding his hands tight; for being the first day of the school she is gripped in fears.
He walked all the way that day held her hands all the way.
But he almost cried to hear her say:
” Father, please don’t go away and don’t leave me alone.
I’ll feel so sad if you go away,
I might need you, in every step I lay for its a new unseen way
I’ll miss you when you go away.
I plead you can’t you stay?.”

Father said ” Don’t you cry my little angel, you’ll be fine so dry your tears.
You’ll have me always in your heart even if I’m far away.
We will be always together you’re in my memories and I’m in your heart.”

She still relives those memories, he stood upfront on her wedding day as he tried to hide those rolling tears but wasn’t successful when he sees his daughter walked away in her new life in a new home.
Later he is rejoiced to see her dancing in joy when she’s blessed with a child in her life.
Tears rolled once again in joy but she catches the glance at the end to see his eyes brimmed in tears she leans and whispers “Father I’m fine and now I need to go. I’ll miss you all the way you’re in my heart we will be together though we are apart.”
Father replies, ” I’m fine and I  bless you my child be happy for always and you’re in my heart.”

Time page changed and broke as   charred when she hears him to be not well.
She came in hospital bed leans down to kiss his forehead.
He smiles holding her hand tight wishes he had some time to fight back and save his life.
Once again is the darkest night they sat together quite and sad as she couldn’t see her dying father, tears are hard to hide.
She claims in calm voice,
“Father, please don’t go away so far, I still need you!.”
“Little angel, all that I’ve to say,
I want to stay forever with you,    but I’ve to depart.
A last moment of togetherness now and I’ll be in your heart for always though we will be far away.”
Speechless she stands to look the abandoned stare and in her heart she knew the time has stopped.
Broken offerings jaded prayers
heart bleeds in pain, she claimed time stealed away like a dew drop.
She wished it was a dream
but wraps her tormented soul and whispers
“I wish and pray father be in  peace wherever you stay.
For you’ll be in my heart always for you taught me to be in patience at all my difficult times.
Words hear now  the silence
searching the moon in the darkest clouds……
I know,
I’ll never get lost on this way.
Cause I know, that though far away you’ll be always there with me in my heart!”.

I love you dad…

Inderjit kaur🌷🍃

Keep smiling, keep shining….

Santa’s letter to a warrior fighting with life.

I’m inspired, as I witness your relentless devotion and hard work figuring out the purposes, that makes the path more successful towards attainment.


I’m awed to see how you’ve been overcoming your trail and adversities,  standing on the scorched earth amidst  the unending sessions  of unpredictable times and ready to face the life’s  curves of ups and downs.
Yet trying to step forward, you make a  successful leap  towards the blur light that you’re able to see at the other side of dark tunnel.
This quality of your patience that you practice amazes me and let me draw your attention to the fact that this act of your adapting patience as a key calibres your performance as an elite.
You stand out from others in every aspect. You make me feel strong  and keeps me motivated and inspired as I see  you battling your fears and doubts transcending them to attaining your achievements.
So on this day I want you to know that you are called here for a mission.
A mission to walk courageously the walk of your life and that you have to keep working upon fearlessly in continuity anything less would be nothing else than a surrender.
But do remember warriors, heroes never surrender as they aren’t here just to walk but pursue a personal victory in every small accomplishment that would have never been possible without a decision taken to begin with a fresh start after every fall.
A decision to make a difference.
A decision to make a change challenging the same circumstances and to witness a victory over your regular performance.
A win over your best abilities.
A success story that’ll be marked as a milestone.
Warrior’s don’t give up one step short of destinations.
Yes, certainly there’s a fair chance that you’ll encounter frustrating situations that may seem to be unending, but always remember the master key to decode these complexities.
And that is ‘PATIENCE.’
Keep calm and concentrate on the work that is in your hand or the current situation or may be the project that needs to be completed.
With patience and calmed mind you’ll be able to manifest all that’s unachievable.
You’ll rediscover passion for every work you take in your hands. And you’ll witness the unsettled and delayed projects dusting off successfully completed in time. You’ll be able to turn every initiative into a success. You’re entitled to great victories when you are able to believe in self.
As soon as you’re aware of your strength and potential each target  or goal that you set would be reachable.
You’ll attain more confidence in yourself.
Extremely bizarre coincidences would keep you worried about life sometimes but still you need to continue your walk of life like a strong warrior,  because I’m totally convinced by your potential and aware that you’ve the tenacity and determination that even you’re not awared of.
Just pause for a moment to review the life that you’ve been travelling so far and think about all the obstacles that you’ve overcome so far in the journey.
You’ve successfully survived 100% all those hard time with your self believe.


Using the building blocks of experiences,  you have build your own tower incessantly no matter how many times you’ve fallen  and your tower has been demolished.
With every fall, you did attain a more positive attitude towards life and that helped you to avoid the same mistake twice and hence I salute you for that makes you stand different from the crowd.

I’m inspired by your effortless walk on this path of life, no matter how many barriers happened to distract you and tried to influence you to give up.
But you kept walking more confident after every little break and obstacles that you’ve faced  on the way.
Thus you’ve successfully raised the tower of your life strong and progressively  higher than before.
Thus you stand tough ready to face what’s to be faced on this path of life with a smile on your face that has inspired so many.

This is your friend Santa, touched by your approach to life as a positive thinker signing off wishing you happiness and success in abundance.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Warm regards,