Kaleidoscope -Colours of Life.
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A step towards positive living.
From :- A Living Series BOOK 3


Kaleidoscope -Colours of Life.
Kaleidoscope Colors of life is a tapestry of suggestive and poignant thoughts.
Kaleidoscope – Colours of Life is a tapestry of suggestive and poignant thoughts.
Interlaced with threads of life lessons and past experiences, the book depicts seven inspiring stories weaved into a magnificent array of a Rainbow.

Charting the various shades of life, the book further highlights the ups and downs of each of the characters, who are embedded here as a metaphor for a rainbow, in the patio of a plethora of circumstances.


This book is for anyone who is ready to live their life to its true and meaningful purpose and to its greatest potential.

Thus sharing wisdom, experiences and insights, Kaleidoscope – Colours Of Life intends to deliver a message that will inspire and empower the readers to sense happiness and contentment, and help them to navigate life as a true and confident individual.

One successful and courageous step encourages another to commence their journey.
The book intends to spark a hope, and act as an inspiration to all those who are trying hard to come out of life’s entangled adversities. I intend to show a little way out that I learned through my struggles and hardships, reflecting on the best path chosen while times were still turbulent and complex. Being positive and believing in oneself, remaining confident from within, and having hope and faith throughout your life are triumphs over sufferings. And that the failures and hard times are just experiences that make you what you deserve to be. Making you brave enough to live the  life you always dreamt of!

The colours of life pages the accounts of my own experiences, stories told by other people and the thoughts that I dwelled on while travelling through the times of my hardship and adversities, which just harnessed my true potential and made me to discover the real me.
Thus, now I wish my readers to get all the courage to manifest what you believe is right for you and all the courage to explore the real you by discovering the need for a personal change.

Inderjit Kaur.