Author Doug J. Cooper

Thank you so much for the creative posts and promotion of my scifi books, the Crystal Series. Your ads are creative in design and they have helped draw the attention of readers to my work. Thanks, Inderjit!



Author Paul Hollis

Many authors believe when their book is written, their work is done. If we offer it for sale, readers will come. They will find it on Amazon or in local bookstores or wherever it may be and they will buy it without a thought. Nothing is farther from the truth. Promotion of a book is the lifeblood of sales.

I am fortunate to work with one of the best promoters in the business. A Living Series Author Promotional Services led by Inderjit Kaur is professional, creative and effective. She has featured me with a headline author interview, generated book reviews, book banners, and promotional images focused to sell on social media. I highly recommend these promotional services. Inderjit Kaur’s help is critical to your success.



Jazz Singer William Priceking

Hello Inderjit. It’s an honor to be able to write a testimonial for you and your wonderful book. I hope that my words will inspire people to read your works.           “Kaleidescope: Colours of Life is an awesomely inspiring book. The genius of Inderjit Kaur’s book is that it provides valuable advice in the art of living and being happy. This well written, motivational book is a labor of love.”  
Best wishes to you and keepsmiling.
Thank you.
Here is the link to my last album teaser. https://t.co/ZfUgF12CIT   
Take good care of you and here’s wishing you lots of luck!!!


Author Adrienne Nairn

I’d like to thank Inderjit so much for promoting my book.   Marketing is so difficult for new time authors and it is a minefield with what to do and how to do it, but it has been so nice to see the regular promotion on Inderjit’s twitter site.  The link for my book My Brother My Enemy
 The Final Chapater is below.



Author Tom A Wilson

“Inderjit is an exceptional artist. She is a very talented designer. The promo art she has done for my books brought a new light to them and increased sales remarkably”



Author Sarah Mallery


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Author Tim Hemlin
“Inderjit Kaur has been wonderful in her continued support of my writing. Not only on her quite professional and beautifully designed blog posts, but across multiple social media platforms.” Tim Hemlin author of If Wishes Were Horses



Happy Author

Author Sandie Will

 I’ve hired Inderjit for my recent book promotions and I couldn’t be more pleased. She was very professional, timely and reasonably priced, and even more, she took the time to research my work so the graphics represent the feel and look of my book. I love her artistry and plan on hiring her for my next book release! Thank you, Inderjit


Author Richard Cezar

Touching off an explosion in knowledge or carnage? In The Robes of God


Creativity and exposure are key to getting my book titles in front of the public. Thank you, Inderjit, for your excellence in both.

As an author, I find that I do best in sticking to what I know, and that is writing. Your ads have help me immeasurably in spreading the word, such that I can concentrate on writing.


Author Paul Rega

Superb marketing skills! Thank you for all your tweets about my books.

Promotion with a purpose! Thank you, Inderjit for all your great support!! 



AUTHOR John Dolan

Testimonial: “This is one very supportive lady, an inexhaustible cheerleader for the Indie community – and an inspirational writer to boot.”

Website: http://johndaviddolan.wixsite.com/johndolanauthor

Author Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/John-Dolan/e/B008IIERF0/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1


Author Eichin Chang Lim

As a best seller author and book promotioner, Inderjit knows how to create an eye catching image and meaningful message to attack the viewer and a potential book buyer’s attention. So grateful for her service.